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London Blue Gems

Blue-Green Paraiba Tourmaline

Blue-Green Paraiba Tourmaline

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This stunning gemstone is a rare find, with a beautiful blue color that catches the eye. The marquise cut and excellent cut grade enhance its natural beauty, making it a perfect addition to any jewelry collection. Measuring 19.5mm in length and 8.8mm in width, this 7.45 carat gemstone is sure to make a statement. With a clarity grade of Loupe Clean, it is a high-quality gemstone that has not been enhanced in any way. This Paraiba Tourmaline is sourced from Brazil and is a natural creation of London Blue Gems. The gemstone is transparent and has a unique shape that adds to its beauty. It is a standalone piece that comes as a single stone, making it perfect for those who want to create a unique piece of jewelry.
GIA Certification Available, This gem can be sent to GIA Carlsbad for certification for $275.00, (Waived for this stone) This is the fee charged by GIA only for identification and origin report. GIA takes about 2 weeks to examine the stone. 

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