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London Blue Gems

Blue-Green Paraiba Toiurmaline

Blue-Green Paraiba Toiurmaline

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This exquisite gemstone is a rare and natural Paraiba Tourmaline from Brazil, with a stunning blue-green color. The oval-shaped gemstone has been cut to an excellent grade, with a carat weight of 5.43. It is eye clean and transparent, with no enhancements or treatments. From the brand London Blue Gems, this gemstone is 11.7mm in length, 9.5mm in width, and 5.8mm in depth. It comes as a single stone with the item number TRM-Bg-2-5.43-1. This gemstone is perfect for those who appreciate unique and high-quality pieces, and it is ideal for use in jewelry-making or as a collector's item.
GIA Certification Available, This gem can be sent to GIA Carlsbad for certification for $210.00, (Waived for this stone) This is the fee charged by GIA only for identification and origin report. GIA takes about 2 weeks to examine the stone. 

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